Who Can Benefit From Kegel Exercises?

how to use vaginal dilators

how to use vaginal dilatorsKegel Exercises are one of the best ways to improve the strength of pelvic floor muscles. Many gynecologists suggest women to do kegel exercise to strengthen pelvic muscles. Kegel exercise benefit women regardless of age or medical history, but for women with certain issues, Kegel exercise is particularly important.

Benefits of Kegel Exercises:

Women who are pregnant and post-partum:

All women who are pregnant and after giving birth to their children should do kegel exercise. Because, pregnant women many have common symptom of urinary incontinence due to weak pelvic floor muscle. Doing such exercise will help them to prevent the bladder disorder. For post-partum women, kegel exercise helps to tone loose birth canal muscles. And, for women who are going to give birth can feel less labor pain and have normal delivery. In addition to this, after delivery a quick healing of birth canal part happens with kegel exercise.

Women suffering with Urinary Incontinence:

Urinary Incontinence is a loss of bladder control and it happens to be a symptom for all pregnant women. So, for them pelvic floor muscles become weak due to pressure of uterus. Thus, by doing kegel exercise, they can able to avoid such disorder as symptom. Some women tend to use kegel tools like vaginal dilator, instead of doing kegel exercise. This is also one such remedy to strengthen pelvic muscle, but it is necessary that you should learn how to use vaginal dilators clearly.

Women who want to prevent prolapsed uterus:

When a woman’s uterus slips down from the actual position inside the body through the cervix and birth canal, it is known as “prolapsed uterus”. This condition occurs due to weak pelvic floor muscles. So, strengthening pelvic muscles will avoid such condition. Women who have normal delivered their children and postmenopausal women are at higher risk of getting prolapsed uterus.

Women who are doing jobs of heavy lifting:

Women who are working in industries that require heavy lifting, such as delivery and manufacturing, should do kegel exercise. Even, many doctors recommended Kegel exercise for these women to stay healthy. Women who are working in such industry may face the prolapsed uterus problem too.

Even women who are old-aged may suffer with weak pelvic muscle, so doing right kegel exercise will help them to stay healthy. Thus, women of all ages benefited by doing kegel exercises.

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