Names On The Land

This book by George R. Stewart surprised us all for being so entertaining. The book tells us about the people and events responsible which led to the naming of the most iconic places around the world. The book is so detailed it has stories on every spot on your map. Seems boring doesn’t it? This is where you will be shocked there is never a dull moment on the book.

Guns, Germs and Steel

This modern classic by Jared Diamond explains the important events that allowed certain civilizations to be more dominant than others. This is a guaranteed read for geography enthusiasts as it expounds the unbiased distribution of the world’s natural resources, geography and technological innovations of different cultures. This book is amazing as it taught me a lot of things I had not known before.


This book will leave you in awe as it showcases the effects of the advancements in technology on the global marketplace. Geography may have molded yesterday’s world but the future world will be a smaller and more independent place thanks to “connectography”. Like Parag Khanna’s earlier books, this one is a masterpiece and will totally reshape how you see the world. Definitely worth a read!