Six Unbelievable Geography Facts


When you are on the internet, you might have encountered weird facts and unbelievable feats. But I am sure the next list will leave you shocked. Here are some geography facts that will surely bend your mind!

Africa Is At The Center of Everything

The only continent that is found in all the hemispheres of the earth is… Yeah. You got it right. Africa. Africa is the only continent that is found on the prime meridian and on the equator.

Alaska is Westernmost and Easternmost State

When you look at the United States on the map, you can easily see that Alaska is both the westernmost and northernmost state. And the most shocking of them all? It is also the most easternmost state as well. Some parts of Alaska are so far to the west, it reaches into the eastern hemisphere.

Texas Can Fit The Entire Population of the World

If you can condense the entire world’s population, it would only cover 251,000 square miles. This means that the entire population of the world could fit in the state of Texas.

World’s Freshest Water

It measures 5.5 million square miles, the ice land below your map is the world’s largest solid ice mass also known as Antarctica. The frozen mass also contains 90 percent of Earth’s freshest waters.

World’s Longest Coastline

We all know that Australia is completely enclosed in water but it does not own the title of the world’s longest coastline. The title was grabbed by Canada which has 153,000 miles of coastline compared to Australia which only has 17,000 miles. Australia only ranks as seventh on the list of longest coastlines coming behind of Greenland, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Russia.

Mountain Closest to Space

Mount Everest maybe the tallest mountain the entire world but it is not the closest to space. You must take note that the earth is shaped into an oval; this is where it gets interesting. Earth is slightly inflated when you are around the equator which means Ecuador and Kenya are slightly elevated. With this fact, Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador is closest to space.

The Earth is really an amazing place to live. Up until to this day, scientists and geographers still discover moreunbelievable facts about the world we live in.

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