How To Study For Your Next Geography Exam


Geography exams are not that hard of a test, if you know the techniques. Geography has two types: physical and human. Physical geography is the study about the earth’s physical formations, processes and characteristics. On the other hand human geography is the study of human societies. Both needs crucial understanding and a lot of memory work.

Here are some ways to help you pass your next exam on geography:

Organize Information

The most important tip to do to be able to prepare well for a geography exam is to organize information gathered during the lecture. Being organized helps you boost your memory and recall.

Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonic devices are a memorization technique that allows our mind to associate something unfamiliar with something your mind is familiar with. These are usually used by people who want to memorize specific facts and long lists of data.

Chunk Memorization

Chunking information is another way to easily memorize facts. Chunking information means we break down data into smaller groups of three or four for easier memorization. This is commonly used when you are memorizing a phone number or your ID number.

Visualize Information

It is a fact that it is easier to remember the things we see than those that of what we hear. Visualization is a memorization technique that can be used in any subject but most effective in geography. You can do this by producing images in your mind that relates to a particular topic. Or, it is used by associating geographical facts with its location, size or shape.

Review Frequently

This is the most basic way to do well during your geography class: frequently reviewing your notes. One of the techniques in order to boost your memory retention is to frequently review your notes.

Avoid Cramming

Geography is not a subject you want to cram. It is possible to memorize all the states in a country in one night but the information won’t stick with you long enough. If you want to pass this subject, don’t procrastinate and cram.

If you really want to pass your geography classes then don’t skip class, complete your notes and review them frequently.


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