Explore Mesmerizing Beaches and Exhilarating Skyscrapers at Malaysia

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Malaysia is a fabulous destination for families which is proud of its beaches, culture, wildlife, great food and plenty of child friendly attractions. Though being in Southeast Asia, the prices for family travel and vacations are moderate. Malaysia is one of the diversified and multi cultural countries with fascinating and educational experience for adults and children. It’s fairly easy to find the family accommodation in Malaysia as the prices are moderate.


malaysia travel tips clothingMalaysia has the best beaches that lie on both sides of the country. Since it is less crowded, it is the best option for quiet holiday. The east coast should be avoided during the monsoon season of November to March. Perhentian Islands are known for its beauty and scuba diving which lies on the east coast. Redang being the most popular beach is the eastern Islands and is a known for is turtle sightings. Many locals live here, so it’s quiet and serene.

Langkawi is another beautiful destination in Malaysia which is urbanised. They have plenty of activities and range of food and accommodations. Pangkor Island is only a short drive from Kuala Lumpur and is a perfect weekend destination. This island is not yet explored by many hence you can spend a queit vacation here.

Malaysian Borneo is another place with beautiful beaches. The Turtle Beach and Golden Beach are the most famous. Turtles are found in abundant and one can enjoy watch their hatcheries. Sipidan is the top rated diving spot in Malaysia with a massive variety of sea-life

Other Attraction

Malaysia is also famous for its legalised online gaming sites such as ali88win which offers variety of games for sports betting enthusiast who rely on this site to place odds and gain big wins. The ride starts from the hotel lobby in Kuala Lumpur city and head to Genting Highlands. The ride gives one the view of hillsides of Malaysia and sees villages down. Petrosains Museum and Kuala Lumpur Aquariums are most visited attractions.

Kuala Lumpur:

Explore the urban part of Malaysia. The modern malls, magnificent Petronas Towers for sure, will excite the kids and adults in the dazing night light and water show at their base and kids water park. The huge Genting highlands which can be reached by cable car is a day’s vacation. The colossal hotel here houses an indoor theme park, shopping complex, restaurants and world famous casinos.

Most Instagrammable Geographical Landmarks


Are you a traveler looking for your next post on Instagram? If you are, you should definitely book your next flight on these famous landmarks around the world. Believe us because they are not famous for nothing.

Their names will be familiar but nothing beats posing in front of them so you could gather those likes on your next post.

Christ the Redeemer Statue In Brazil


Religious or not, you will surely appreciate this marvelous combination of artistry and engineering. The statue is found on top of Mount Corcovado which stands at an astonishing 39 meters. The place also overlooks the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. The best time to visit the place is during their carnival. The carnival is regarded as one of the world’s biggest party which is one experience you can’t afford to miss.

Mount Fuji in Japan


If you want to go on a vacation where you can boast all the photos on Instagram then go to Japan. Post about climbing the country’s highest mountain and live volcano. At just five thousand meters above sea level, the air in the mountain can be very chilly even in the summer. The authorities on Honju Island opens its official climbing seasons during July and August but they still take tours until mid-October, when Mount Fuji shares the first drops of snow.

Golden Gate Bridge In USA


Ever had a photo of a majestic bridge? Now is the time to do it. Take a tour onto San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and feel like waking up in the land of the giants. Crossing the massive bridge on foot is no easy task. It measures three kilometers long but the strong winds will whip your hair and the traffic’s noise will drown you. But when you reach the view decks on either end of the bridge, you will definitely appreciate one of the world’s most iconic structures.

Pyramids and The Sphynx In Egypt


Ever dreamt of becoming a treasure hunter like Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft? Then get your bags packed and jump to a plane to Egypt as the Pyramids of Giza and The Sphynx await you. You don’t have to be an archeology fan to appreciate the scenic views here. Just enjoy the timeless landmarks that defy scientific explanations until now. Wear the “keffiyeh” headdress around your head and pose for a guaranteed viral Instagram post.

The Colosseum In Italy


Feel like you’re one of the iconic characters you’ve seen on the movies and swing a sword in the arena of The Colosseum in Rome and be overwhelmed by the large amphitheater that can accommodate more than eighty thousand people. The fantastic architecture is truly a sight to be mesmerized with considering the equipment the Romans used to build it. Take the underground tours of the tunnels for a spine chilling experience that crawls through your skin. The Colosseum is considered one of Europe’s most remarkablelandmarks of all time.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your pen and start adding them to your bucket list. Enjoy the life of a wanderer while posing at these wondrous places fit for an Instagram royalty.